Twenty years ago it was difficult and pricey to buy organic food. Now thankfully it is easy. It still costs a little more but not that much.

Today the world has woken up to the need to make all aspects of our lives more sustainable. Every business appears to have a green manifesto. While, as a society, we’re all sure that the big bad boys are simply applying greenwash to their marketing, surely it still means that we’ve moved in the right direction. It must at least be easy to make an eco choice if we want to.

We’ve always been green-inclined, figuring that being good to the environment must be a good thing, even before the first mention of climate change in the mainstream media. And we’ve taken the familiar small steps to living a more green existence: eco light bulbs, recycling, insulation. The usuals.

In the past few months though, we’ve ramped up a notch. We’re making new purchases and we want to make sure that we’re buying sustainably and supporting genuinely sustainable businesses. This is where we hit some obstacles. It’s actually not that easy to find green products, especially when you’re talking tech products. It certainly takes more time and research, and the willingness to ask questions, rather than go for the easy option that’s right in front of you.

This blog is partly a ‘share’, our personal experiences of trying to live more sustainably, and partly ‘advice’, where we’ve managed to find good sources of information about standards and businesses. We hope you find it useful. We also welcome constructive comments, your experiences and useful tidbits of information.

Please join us walking the green walk.